Our Coffee

Three coffee personalities. One great source.

Victor Allen’s Coffee: A wide selection of premium-quality, specialty and gourmet Arabica coffees.

Rio Grande Roasters: Specialty Arabica coffees with an adventurous, southwestern flair.

Avalon Organic Coffee:  A unique line of organic and fair trade certified Arabica coffees.

It all starts with great beans.

Our beans are great due to consistent unwavering dedication and passion. From bean selection to unparalleled roasting techniques to superior packaging that guarantees roaster freshness, the attention to detail that goes into every pound of Victor Allen’s Coffee ensures the highest level of quality for our customers. We strive to provide the variety and excellence that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Other Brands
High Desert Roasters

Available in Costcos across the Western region of the United States, try one of our three specialty coffees from High Desert Roasters. Each coffee is available in 2.5 pound bags, unique and freshly roasted.