Coffee Gift Ideas

Coffee is nature’s gift to gift-givers.

Truly, there’s no such thing as a bad gift for coffee lovers. They gush as instinctively over a quality coffee filter as the beans themselves.

That said, there are a variety of options to treat coffee connoisseurs with based on their needs, skill level, and preferences. Here are just a few coffee gift ideas.

Coffee Pod Machines

A big-ticket item to gift coffee lovers is, of course, a coffee pod machine.

While there are plenty of brewing machines that will brew up coffee in bulk, a single-cup brewer is likely a safer bet for gift-giving. It’s a near-universally acceptable gift that can be easily packaged with a variety of coffee pods that stay fresh long after the day you give the gift—making it low-pressure consumption for the receiver.

When purchasing, consider the size of the machine relative to the types of mugs they tend to use—will the mug fit under the dripper?—and how much of a footprint it will leave on a kitchen counter. Naturally, if the person you’re buying for is already lacking counter space, look for one that’s narrow.

Keurig recently solved this problem by developing a K-Mini line single-serve coffee maker that’s about as svelte as coffee makers come. These compact brewers are also ideal for travel, ensuring there’s no gap in quality coffee consumption when taking a vacation or traveling for business and faced with hours-old hotel lobby coffee.

You could also, of course, splurge and gift a pod brewer that doubles as an espresso machine. It’s worth the premium price tag for someone you know will use it and still takes pods.

Coffee Accessories

Want a less conventional gift? There is no shortage of accessories to pick from in the coffee world. Here are just a few:

  • Coffee Gift Sets. Many sets will come with a sampling of coffees, flavored syrups, a mug, chocolates, and other goodies guaranteed to delight. You could also let someone sample a smattering of new coffees by purchasing a coffee bean gift box or coffee bean gift pack, featuring a variety of coffees of different roasts and some that have been plucked from all around the world’s most glorious growing regions. It’s especially ideal if you don’t know their coffee taste preferences.
  • Coffee Scoops. Everyone needs a quality coffee scoop—which, to be clear, is more than a tablespoon. (Approximately two.) There’s no material that’s better or worse for a coffee scoop, but for ornamental reasons—and durability—it’s favorable to have a high-quality metal one. Make sure it comes with a brush.
  • Coffee Grinders. For beginner coffee drinkers, a simple and small-sized grinder like a Bodum—or even a hand grinder—will work just fine. For more serious coffee drinkers, look to buy a burr grinder with settings that determine the fineness and coarseness of the grinds. A good grinder goes a long way toward brewing the most delicious cup of coffee.
  • Manual Brewers. These brewers go a long way as gifts, complementing automatic brewers nicely as means to have more control over the brew process. A Chemex, Clever, or French press brewer can be surprisingly affordable and offer the gift recipient a new way to enjoy their coffee and develop their palette. Not all brewers use the same filter, though—save them the research and package the appropriate ones with the gift.
  • Coffee Filters. It may not read like one of the best coffee gifts, but it is. To coffee lovers, coffee filters in bulk can be just as joyous a feeling as a new parent receiving bundles of diapers for their newborn. Take an errand, and monthly expense, out of their routine.
    Coffee Manuals. Really want to up your coffee-gift-giving game? Serve up a guide for manual brewing and the 411 on the coffees of the world. There is also plenty of literature about the history—cultural and otherwise—of coffee.

Coffee Subscriptions

A do-no-wrong option among all the cool coffee gift ideas is a coffee subscription.

If there’s a best coffee subscription gift, it’s the monthly delivery option with a different coffee variety each time. At the heart of gift-giving is the element of surprise, and this way they can be surprised 12 times over while thinking of you. What’s more, it’s ultimately not any more expensive than purchasing a more expensive coffee gift, like a machine—and can even be cheaper.

There are also K-cup coffee variety pack options that pair perfectly with that new pod brewer you may have just gifted them.

Whether you’re deciding on a gift for a casual coffee fan or a bona fide java junkie, there are countless options at varying price points to choose from. No doubt that no matter what coffee-themed gift you give them, it will be well received!