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There are as many reasons to subscribe to a coffee service as there are tastes on a flavor wheel. It’s a coffee model that, quite literally, delivers.

Here’s why a coffee subscription service could be right for you, and what to consider when weighing whether it’s worth it.

  • Convenience. A truly well-balanced cup of coffee is both delicious and convenient. It’s the smell that seamlessly infiltrates nostrils and heightens the senses in the morning—because it’s fragrant, yes, but also free of hassle. Coffee that’s easy to grab from a container and brew. Similarly, that coffee experience should be seamless upon purchase, too. Subscriptions wipe out the need to hike over to a coffee shop or anxiously check roast dates on the sea of bags that stock their shelves. (And sometimes linger there for too long.) Subscriptions automatically check coffee right off the weekly shopping list and can be set up in a variety of time increments while set up with auto-payment.
  • Cost. Thanks to the elimination of some overhead expenses, many subscriptions—even a coffee shop delivery service—offer a slight discount for committing to the constant flow of coffee, meaning money back in your pocket. Not to mention time saved from not having to trek to a shop or the grocery store.
  • Variety. Consider this a marquee reason, today, for subscribing to a coffee subscription service. The best coffee subscription box will allow for a little more variation in your regular coffee consumption. While some services lay out a platter of coffees to specifically choose from, others will mix deliveries up by sending out a “Coffee of the Month” or rotate coffees by country of origin or roast type. Or, if you own a Keurig machine, other services will ship out a coffee pod subscription box packed with a motley crew of coffees; some ship favorite brands, too, while others hand-pick artisan small-batch roasts or even roast their own. The larger point being, much like variety matters with a balanced diet, so too does it matter for coffee drinking and keeping yourself out of a same-old-joe rut. Just make sure, when doing a coffee subscription comparison, the service is actually sending new coffees year-round.
  • Reliability. Subscriptions show up. That coffee shop that unexpectedly closed early or roasted fewer bags this week? Not so much. The best coffee subscription box can be selected in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly increments for delivery, depending on how much you consume. And, in most cases, can be adjusted as needed. Coffee subscription services also tend to ship immediately after roasting, ensuring reliable freshness.
  • Education. Whether you realize it in the moment or not, the more coffees that come to your doorstep—and eventually climb to your taste buds—the more aware you are of what you’re drinking. Suddenly, you start to notice that the Ethiopian coffees are to your liking, or dark roasts just aren’t your thing. With even a monthly coffee subscription, you’ll become a coffee connoisseur with an impressive palette—and mastery of that flavor wheel—in no time.

Whether you like the peace of mind of knowing you have ample supply of your favorite coffee on-hand, or just want to treat yourself and explore new types of coffee on a regular basis, we can think of plenty of reasons why a coffee subscription is a must-have for the discriminating coffee connoisseur. Check out our Victor Allen’s Coffee subscriptions today!

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