Keurigs for Office Use

Keurigs for Office Use

Office culture is forever being transformed by new inventions: the copy machine, the digital calendar, instant messenger, etc.

But also, the Keurig.

The contemporary office staple brilliantly solves the ever-present problem of picking the right crowd-pleasing coffee, especially for that person who just can’t get through a meeting with a pleasant demeanor without their favorite punchy cup of coffee. The marquee attraction: that pods often come in variety packs and tend to keep longer. It’s a mega win of win-wins.

Seeking out the right Keurig for office use? Lo and behold, Keurig offers variety on that front, too.

Keurigs For Small Offices

The first of the Keurig options to know about is the OfficePRO.

Summed up, it’s the best option for a small, standard office of fewer than 10 people. The tank holds 48 ounces—in theory, enough to get through a morning with only one refill—and features a removable drip tray for folks who bring in tall travel mugs. With three cup sizes (stepping from six ounces to eight, and finally to 10 ounces), it covers your coffee craving team’s basic needs and at the cheapest price.

For slightly bigger offices (that are still small), the Keurig K1500 is the next step up and notable for its 96-ounce water reservoir—part of a Keurig commercial series. Different with this model is that there are additional options for cup size and a “Strong” setting for adding heft to a cup of coffee. It adds a four-ounce and 12-ounce brew size, bringing more choices for brew strength by way of how much water is being used. Because this model is explicitly marketed for small businesses, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

A small office that would like to really go premium with their Keurig purchase can splurge for the K-Café Special Edition. It features four cup sizes—six, eight, 10 and 12 ounces—and brews all the coffee a Keurig would normally make, plus doubles as an espresso maker with foaming capabilities—even cold foaming. The water reservoir is slightly smaller than the other premium lines, at 60 ounces, but notably can use a “Smart Start” feature that will heat and brew in one process, meaning no start-up time to brew coffee. Any K-Cup can be turned into an espresso shot using this office Keurig, making for efficient 2 p.m. pick-me-ups.

Keurig Machines for Medium to Large Sized Offices

For offices of about 15-20 people with slightly more finicky tastes, the K Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker is the next natural upgrade.

What’s different about it? For starters, it offers an “Iced” button that’s convenient (even if it doesn’t exactly work magic—note that this is not a device that will make cold brew) but will adjust brew strength and ounces with a cup of ice in mind. Other bells and whistles are predominantly cosmetic, like a clock and a glossy sheen, but do dress up an office kitchen. It tells your employees you care while not actually being that much more expensive than the OfficePRO model.

Looking to skip the water refills? There is such a thing as a commercial Keurig with a water line that boasts performance for the medium-sized offices, like the K150P—in its feature set, along the lines of the Single Serve series, but made with plumbed-in lines in mind.

There are other options with this feature in mind, too, like the K4000 Café System, which has other impressive amenities like automatic capsule ejection with a built-in disposal bin, espresso-drink-brewing options and brews as fast as 45 seconds. The good news: This is certainly the fail-safe option for any office. The bad news is at a standard price tag that soars past the $1,000 mark (not including any water installation costs), it may not be the most bottom-line friendly way to caffeinate you and your colleagues.

Notable about all these devices is that they have an auto-turn-off feature that will keep any of them from being an energy hog. Keurigs have also improved through the years to be much quieter when pouring.

Making the Right Choice of Office Keurig

Look, there are a lot of Keurigs on the market, and picking one can feel overwhelming. It’s worth weighing some fundamental questions as you browse.

  • How many people in my office actually drink coffee versus bagged tea or abstain from caffeine consumption?
  • How often will the machine be used during the day, and at what time of day?
  • Is this machine more for guests than the office’s workers?
  • What kind of cups are people in the office typically using?
  • How does this office Keurig fit into the physical space?

Of course, with all this in mind, the real fun of picking a new Keurig is picking the coffee that will be brewed in it. Victor Allen’s Coffee makes the process both easy and exciting by offering customizable coffee subscriptions that are ideal for the office. Subscriptions are flexible and flavor varieties are plentiful.