Office Coffee Delivery

Office Coffee Delivery

An office needs coffee like a body needs water. With that sentiment in mind, it’s important to have a substantial supply of java on-hand in the break-room cabinets. Having an ample selection of coffee minimizes your risk of busy office bees growing grouchy during morning meetings or getting a little terse in afternoon emails.

While it’s important to keep your office well-stocked with coffee, it’s just as important to consider where and how you buy your coffee for colleagues. Not all office coffee delivery services and subscriptions are built the same, and you’ll want to factor in your office’s needs when selecting one.

Here are some considerations to keep top of mind when choosing an office coffee delivery service.

What to Consider When Shopping for Subscriptions

Every office has its own rate of coffee consumption and cast of coffee-consuming characters with their unique set of preferences. Try as any service might to convince you otherwise, there is no one-size-fits-all model. Weighing your needs and — and how an office coffee supplier service addresses them — is a key consideration. When looking for a coffee delivery service, keep in mind the following when purchasing for your office:

  • Rate of delivery. Do you need weekly deliveries or monthly? While neither is necessarily a wrong option, you will want the option. A Monday-through-Friday office with habitual coffee drinkers will probably need more frequent office coffee delivery than the business with a waiting room supply that gets picked at, or a church that uses the coffee stash on a weekly basis. Pick a coffee delivery business that meets your needs—and will also offer some flexibility if those needs change. You don’t want to find yourself with too much coffee sitting around, but don’t want to have little, either —lest you risk the Great Office Coffee Shortage that your office workers will never forget.
  • Variety. Can you customize your subscription? Most offices will not want just one option to draw from for potentially an entire month. Pick a dark roast in a light roast kind of office and suddenly there’s a crisis brewing faster than it takes a K-Cup to percolate. Make sure there’s flexibility with your coffee lineup so that the breakfast blend folks in HR are just as excited about the coffee delivery as the French roast folks in the call center. Moreover, make sure you know exactly how much of each variety you’re having delivered and in what form factor, whether it be pods, beans, or grinds.
  • Quality assurance. You always want to be sure your coffee that’s just arrived is as freshly roasted as it can be. Ask about your coffee delivery service’s transparency before signing up —especially if it’s not clear where the beans are coming from. If you’re hosting an office that picks at the coffee supply over the course of a month or more, this is important; beans do go stale and lose flavor as they age. Check to make sure a roast date is printed on the labels when you receive your order.
  • Savings. Can you order in bulk? One of the brightest perks of a coffee delivery subscription is the sheer savings to be had. It’s cost-effective and should scale well should you need to change your order as your company grows. Perhaps those work-from-home employees are in the office more often during the summer months and coffee consumption spikes. Make sure your subscription accommodates that for optimal savings and coffee bean delivery service frequency.
  • Do they care? Coffee boasts a tight-knit community of people who don’t even need the caffeine high to be excited about what they’re selling. Because, genuinely, they’re selling a lifestyle—joy—as much as a tangible product. Examine how they talk about coffee: do they mention single-origin coffees? Do they know about sustainable practices in farming? How much will they adapt to your office’s needs? Do they offer discount incentives? If you care about your office’s coffee, make sure they do, too.

Victor Allen Coffee works overtime to deliver on all these fronts by taking care of the headache-inducing logistics of coffee delivery, offering affordable delivery plans with discounts for auto-delivery subscriptions, consistent delivery times, and the best office coffee delivery variety with a lineup of customizable single-serving pods. With a decades-long track record of coffee knowledge and care to back it all up.