Victor Allen's Coffee Hazelnut Flavored, Medium Roast, Ground Coffee, 3 or 6 Pack, 12 Oz Bags

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Box Size: 12 oz Bag - 6 Pack

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From World Class Coffee Tasters To Your Cup

 What is Hazelnut Coffee?

Hazelnut coffee is a classic, homely brew—light and airy with a sweet, balanced center. The delectable taste of toasted hazelnuts marries the earthy body of our 100% Arabica beans to produce an unbelievably cozy cup of coffee.

Victor Allen’s Hazelnut Coffee toe the line gracefully between light and medium in terms of brew density. Light but never thin, our hazelnut coffee boasts a flavor profile fit for the adventurous while retaining a comfortingly familiar vibe.

Enjoy this versatile brew as a welcomed reprieve from the bitter cold, a quick afternoon treat, or just a relaxing, slow sipper for the drive in to work.

What Type of Coffee is Used in Hazelnut Coffee?

It’s no secret that great taste starts with great beans. So to ensure consistent, unbeatable quality, we always start with 100% Arabica coffee beans to make our hazelnut coffee cups.

After the roasting process is complete, the beans are infused with Victor Allen’s hazelnut flavor blend—a recipe developed and perfected over years of experimentation.

With the help of modern food science, our hazelnut flavor is able to sink deep into the bean and meld with its natural qualities. The resulting brew features a complex flavor profile, completely uniform in composition and brimming with creamy hazelnut goodness.

What Does Hazelnut Coffee Taste Like?

Hazelnut coffee is smooth and creamy with decidedly unassuming notes of sweet hazelnut. The hazelnut flavor is refreshingly robust without overpowering the natural taste of the Arabica beans, offering a mellow, comfortable drinking experience.

But make no mistake, this deceivingly modest brew packs a wallop where it counts. The intricately sweet flavor profile is accentuated by a pleasantly fragrant, nutty vanilla aroma. The delightful concoction comes on delicately but makes a lasting impression.

The hazelnut essence adds sweetness without the sugar, supplying muted candied notes to compliment the natural flavor of the coffee beans. An exceptional pairing, Arabica beans and our hazelnut flavor blend promise to satisfy your caffeine need as well as your sweet tooth.

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