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Victor Allen’s Coffee Bagged Coffee

Victor Allen’s bagged coffee eases mornings and energizes afternoons, sweeping in a dizzying variety of balanced and rich flavors--whether it’s our organic, smooth and easygoing Peru, or our bold, full-bodied and attitudinal Colombiana.

Whole Bean & Ground Coffee Flavor Profile

Whole bean and ground coffee are high-quality, ready-to-brew form factors of coffee with unique benefits for the brewing process. The beans allow more vibrant flavors to pop on the tongue, while ground coffee ensures consistency with every cup. At Victor Allen’s Coffee, we value choice: that’s we offer both options!

Victor Allen’s Coffee Roasting Process

Victor Allen’s Coffee prioritizes quality beans when it roasts--never sacrificing the flavor-filled 100% Arabica bean for anything less-than. 

Beans are darkened but not burnt, kept in a roaster just until the perfectly timed moment of the second crack at 445 degrees Fahrenheit. Roasts are then thoroughly examined for quality assurance before being bagged and shipped fresh to drinkers. 

The Victor Allen’s Coffee roasting process places all bets on its coffee being bold but not bland, earthy and not flat. All, to boot, with a rich chocolate that lingers on the tongue thanks to our process of not over-roasting a single bean--treating each bean like it’s one of our kids.

The General Characteristics of Whole Bean Coffee

Whole bean coffee is coffee in its purest purchasable form, carefully bagged right after roasting. Its popularity derives from its freshness and versatility: coffee begins to degrade faster immediately after grinding as it’s exposed to moisture in the air, meaning the freshest coffee is had from whole beans ground at home and immediately brewed. That ensures maximum potential for the coffee in your cup. Plus, fresher flavors mean more definition on the palate; it’s the difference between tasting strawberry versus strawberry-flavored. 

The versatility of bagged coffee comes from the control it gives back to the brewer. For instance,a light roast like our Morning Blend that’s bright with subdued citrus notes, may ask for a finer grind size, which can only be controlled if using the bean and a quality grinder.

Fun fact: A whopping 152.7 million 60 kg bags of coffee beans are produced every year.

The General Characteristics of Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is the most convenient way to brew a comforting cup for any occasion. It has the benefit of having been consistently ground and labeled with its grind size, meaning anyone can scoop right in and be certain the grinds are as they should be and not subjected to a less-than-stellar at-home grinder that may leave one bean more coarse or fine than the other. If consumed quickly, the taste and body of pre-ground coffee should be every bit as charming as its whole-bean counterpart.

Save More with Monthly Coffee Subscriptions

Monthly coffee subscriptions are quite simply the best way to consume coffee, lending well to the long and ever-changing list of cravings so many coffee drinkers experience. Subscribers can switch from a light roast Morning Blend one month and swap out for a rich and punchy French Roast the next. Better yet, it allows drinkers to skip the line at the grocery store or coffee shop, specify an exact amount, and receive shipments that are regular, reliable, and flat-out delightful..