Margaritaville® Sunrise in Paradise Coffee, 48 Count, Light Roast, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

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Box Size: 48 Count

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What is Margaritaville® Sunrise in Paradise® Coffee?

The Sunrise in Paradise® blend massages the palate with a smooth and mild brew that eases any coffee drinker into the day as seamlessly as sunrise crests over the horizon. It awakens the taste buds with citrus notes that bubble beneath the surface of a clean, balanced cup of joe. Belying the easy-drinking tropical notes of this pleasant roast is just the right kick of caffeine to energize a day of cavorting on the beach, a morning hike, or a daily commute. Margaritaville’s® premium 100% Arabica beans ensure a perfect-every-time light-to-medium roast coffee that makes every sip feel like a vacation. 

This charming roast straddles the line between light and medium, at once tickling with a bite of juicy orange and then mellowing with an earthy, caramel-tinged light body on the back. It’s a day of smooth sailing at sea embodied in a coffee.


How is Margaritaville® Sunrise in Paradise® Coffee Made? 

Any delightful drink is the product of quality ingredients; this coffee blend is no different. The Margaritaville® Sunrise in Paradise® coffee pods consist of 100% Arabica coffee beans, packaged in convenient K-cups that are compatible with all single-serve coffee makers. The roast is made with an exclusive-to-Margaritaville combination of coffee beans sourced from Central and South America, some of the most popular and sought-after growing regions; known for producing quality-assured beans ideal for light and medium roasts.


What Does Margaritaville® Sunrise in Paradise® Coffee Taste Like?

On first taste, the Sunrise in Paradise® blend is bright and lively, grabbing attention before capturing it with a well-rounded caramel and nutty finish that levels like a wave crashing back into water and onto shore. It’s a thoughtful combination of coffee flavors that both stand on their own and add up to something altogether more pleasurable. 


Margaritaville® Sunrise in Paradise® is a coffee worth waking up for and one to finish the day—the drink of choice for both sunrise and sunset in paradise. 


This product is  Orthodox Union Kosher.

Our on-site staff of Q-Graders sample, roast and taste each of our coffees in-house, ensuring consistent quality. 

Why is this important to you? 

Q-Graders endure rigorous on-going certifications verifying their skills in recognizing and identifying delicate and nuanced flavors; ensuring every cup of Victor Allen’s Coffee is consistently satisfying.

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