Victor Allen's Coffee Decaf Morning Blend, Light Roast, 2.5# Bag, Whole Bean Coffee

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Box Size: 2.5 LB Bag

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 What is Decaf Morning Blend Whole Bean Coffee?

Our Decaf Morning Blend is a smooth and approachable coffee for coffee drinkers of any level, made with mornings in mind but a snug fit for occasions of any kind. It’s the Swiss army knife of coffees.

Though it touts a vibrant brightness, this is a well-balanced decaf coffee that’s rounded out with rich flavors. All while maintaining a drinkability akin to your favorite diner’s steaming-hot cup of Joe. 

Victor Allen’s Decaf Morning Blend is a light-to-medium roast made using 100% Arabica coffee beans. In style, it’s a comforting decaf brew perfect to pair with a morning muffin or breakfast platter, or whip up as an accompaniment to sumptuous desserts. 

Your chocolate cake won’t feel complete without this blend standing next to it.

How is Decaf Morning Blend Whole Bean Coffee Made? 

Victor Allen’s Coffee unites its own blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans to create a coffee combo that’s light and breezy--a cup designed to be less full-throated than its dark-roast brethren and altogether more muted. 

These beans are delicately roasted to allow the coffee’s built-in arsenal of flavors to shine through -- especially as a decaf coffee that has thoroughly reabsorbed its flavors in the decaffeination process. Packaged as whole beans, this form factor allows for extra versatility in summoning the coffee’s natural taste, with different brew styles drawing out the bright acidity or pushing the balanced earthiness of the brew front and center. 

What Does Decaf Morning Blend Whole Bean Coffee Taste Like?

Brimming with bright characteristics, the Decaf Morning Blend springs to life with subtle citrus flavors before balancing out with notes of nuttiness and earthiness. It’s an intentionally subdued flavor meant to accompany food, satisfy those evening coffee cravings, and always feel like home. 

Nascent flavors are accompanied by an enjoyable degree of acidity fine-tuned for this blend of beans. All packed into this even-keeled body made to go down smooth. Despite decaffeination, it is flavor-rich and leaves a gentle aftertaste made to savor. 

This is a coffee crafted to relax with, whether enjoyed black or with just a splash of milk. You’ll hardly know it’s decaf.

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