Victor Allen's Coffee Donut Shop Blend, Medium Roast, Ground Coffee 12 Oz Bags (3 or 6 Pack)

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Box Size: 12 oz Bag - 6 Pack

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What is Donut Shop Coffee?

Donut Shop coffee is named for its long reputation as a perfect pairing with—you guessed it—a donut. Traditionally, the blend is right down the middle in terms of roast profile. Not too mellow and not too bold, Donut Shop is the ideal blend for those who like their morning beverage balanced both in strength and flavor.

Victor Allen’s Coffee Donut Shop blend is a no frills, medium roast brew for the coffee purist. We understand that sometimes, simple does the trick. So, instead of convoluting your cup of joe with crazy flavor complexions, we put our efforts into the subtler nuances of the brew.

But make no mistake, this blend is by no means ordinary. A straightforward sipper with dynamic undertones carefully crafted to complement that sweet morning treat, our Donut Shop for K-Cup Keurig 2.0 Brewers produce the best all-around brew you can get. Donut optional.

What Type of Coffee is Used in Donut Shop Blend Coffee?

Typical, run-of-the-mill Donut Shop blend coffees often incorporate a mixture of high- and low-end coffee beans to achieve an acceptable flavor profile. Bean origins often range from Colombia to Brazil to Indonesia without much specificity or seeming care.

At Victor Allen’s, we consider “acceptable” to be a curse word. That’s why we exclusively use 100% Arabica beans in our Donut Shop blend.

Do we have to? No. But we do it anyway, because we believe coffee isn’t meant to be idly sipped without consideration. We strive for a consistent, uncompromisingly enjoyable experience in every mug of our freshly brewed Donut Shop Coffee Pods for use in K-Cup® Keurig® 2.0 Machines.

What Does Donut Shop Coffee Taste Like?

Donut Shop coffee is the quintessential classic brew—sweet and smooth with a comfortable, homey feel. It strikes a perfect balance between mellow and bold, delivering just enough bite to brighten those groggy mornings. The blend goes down easy and promises to leave you satisfied.

The aroma enters slowly but sinks in deep, imparting a delicate coziness to the air. Never meek, its modest entrance leaves an impact, unassuming but softly intricate. A warm, relaxed flavor profile with deliciously familiar roast notes complete the homespun brew.

Unlike heavier blends, our Victor Allen’s Coffee Donut Shop for K-Cup Keurig 2.0 Brewers offer a light, balanced touch to your morning routine.

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