Victor Allen's Coffee Morning Blend, Light Roast, Ground Coffee, 6 Pack - 12 Oz Bags

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Box Size: 12 oz Bag - 6 Pack

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What is Morning Blend Coffee?

Sometimes called breakfast blend coffee, Morning Blend coffee is traditionally a light roast, light body brew known for its even-keeled flavor profile and smooth finish. Morning Blend coffee has been long praised for its comfortingly familiar taste that both soothes and invigorates.

The blend is characteristically neutral, never abrasive and always lush. By way of a light roast, the brightness of the beans is retained in the brewed cup, making for a lively drink that’s not too loud.

A little bit bright with a little bit of bite, Victor Allen’s Morning Blend is well-equipped to ring in the sun each morning.

What Type of Coffee is Used in Morning Blend Coffee?

Within the coffee roaster community, there really is no universally accepted definition of what a Morning Blend coffee is or should be. The operative word here is “blend,” and every roaster has their own.

Victor Allen’s  Morning Blend falls on the light end of the spectrum in terms of roast profile. A lighter roast means a brighter cup of coffee. Unlike with a dark roast, where the flavor of the roast is the driving force behind the brew, light roast coffees rely on the beans themselves as the primary flavor-makers.

That’s why we only use 100% Arabica beans in our Morning Blend. Without the roast notes’ padding, the natural taste of the beans is put out front and center. Those warm and bready features stand proud and confident, providing a uniquely comforting coffee drinking experience.

What Does Morning Blend Coffee Taste Like?

The featherweight of the Victor Allen’s lineup, our Morning Blend shoots straight down the middle, providing a strikingly balanced brew. Perfectly paired with a long, lazy breakfast or a rushed muffin on the drive in to work, Morning Blend coffee is unmatched in versatility.

Boasting a classic taste profile with energetic overtones, these breakfast blend single serve cups are the ideal wake-me-up. The bright acidity preserved by the light roast provides a brisk beginning while the slight, but unwavering body allows the brew to enter unassumingly and go down smooth.

Mild and modest, but so satisfying with a subtle kick, Victor Allen’s Morning Blend strikes a perfect balance between the quiet you want and the jolt you know you need to get moving in the morning.

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