Dive Into Indulgent Flavors

A Sip Of Paradise In Every Cup

Margaritaville Flavors

Victor Allen’s Coffee is proud to partner with Margaritaville to bring you coffee selections from paradise.

Escape to Paradise

Take a deep breath and dive into your own mini oasis with cup of one our Margaritaville flavors. You may not be able to hop on a plane to the Caribbean today, but brewing one of these single serve cups allows a moment of relaxation and calmness. Creamy coconut and rich aromatic flavors will create a sense of paradise in your cup- just what you need to start your morning off right.

A Cup of Calm

When you hit that afternoon slump and it feels like your day is dragging on, take a moment for yourself to escape to paradise with one of our Margaritaville single serve coffee pods. This cup of coffee will transport you to a place of clear blue waters, sand between your toes, and warm sunshine on your face. At least, thats what every sip will feel like. We can’t fly you to a tropical island, but we can help you take a moment of calm- just what you need to finish out your day.