Hostess® Twinkies® Flavored Coffee, 72 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

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Box Size: 72 Count

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What is Hostess® Twinkies® Coffee?

The Hostess® Twinkies® coffee packs the comfort of every mouthful of pillowy cream and sweet cake that accompanies a big bite of Twinkies®, only stretched out into a full cup of savorable coffee. Poking through the sweet flavors of the classic golden sponge cake is a burst of vanilla that lingers just long enough on the back of the palate, nicely ushering in that next cake-forward sip. These oh-so-craveable notes are cushioned between an already rich and pleasant brew crafted from 100% Arabica beans.

This medium roast is balanced to build a subtly smooth mouthfeel that doesn’t distract from the full-flavored Twinkies® notes and ensures every drink is as satisfying as that first time consuming a Twinkies® snack.

The Hostess® Twinkies® coffee brings the best of the snack cake, characterized by its refreshing creamy center and light sweetness surrounding it, while pushing forward its own unique coffee flavor.

How is Hostess® Twinkies® Coffee Made? 

Not to be outdone by the indulgent flavors of the Twinkies®, the coffee that supports it is comprised of 100% Arabica coffee beans, packaged in convenient K-cups® that are compatible with all single-serve coffee makers. An artificial flavoring is added to perfect the Twinkies® taste.


What Does Hostess® Twinkies® Coffee Taste Like?

The Twinkies® is its own force of nature in the snack world, devoured upon opening with a massage of cream on the taste buds and a satisfyingly sweety-and-spongy cake. The coffee version executes that same sensation with a caffeinated--and coffee-accentuated--bonus. It’s an all-frills coffee that embraces its delightful and altogether charming presence--in flavor and aroma.

This product is kosher Orthodox Union Kosher.

Our staff of Q-Graders sample, roast and taste coffees to ensure consistent quality, cup after cup.

Q-Graders endure rigorous testing to certify their skills in recognizing and identifying delicate and nuanced flavors.

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