Victor Allen's Coffee French Vanilla, Medium Roast, Ground Coffee 12 Oz Bags

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Box Size: 12 oz Bag - 3 Pack

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 What is 100% French Vanilla Ground & Whole Bean Coffee?

French Vanilla ground and whole bean coffee delivers a flavor that expertly lands and lifts the craveable notes of vanilla in a cup, all while conveying the premium qualities of a balanced brew. 

Victor Allen’s French Vanilla roast is made using 100% Arabica beans. This medium roast boasts a silky mouthfeel and a cotton-soft sweetness that accentuates the coffee’s natural flavors. Packaged in whole bean and ground options, coffee connoisseurs can tackle this delicious coffee with a standard drip device or any number of manual brewing methods, experimenting with brew strength and water ratios for a heavier punch of French vanilla. 

Creamy and ready-to-drink without any added ingredients, the French vanilla medium-body roast is one to keep at arm’s reach from the brewing machine at all times.

How is 100% French Vanilla Ground & Whole Bean Coffee Made? 

As with all of Victor Allen’s coffees, our ground French vanilla coffee and whole bean coffee starts and ends with 100% Arabica beans. These are high-quality coffees selected by Victor Allen’s team of experts and roasted with their nascent flavors in mind--and, in this case, carefully selected to match the comforting flavor profile of French vanilla.

This medium-roast coffee takes the natural earthiness and almond-sweetness of the coffee and amplifies it with Victor Allen’s unique recipe of French vanilla flavoring. Differing from standard vanilla, French vanilla recalls the French vanilla ice creams that boast a weightier feel and distinctly creamy richness thanks to the addition of egg yolks. The essence of that delicacy is captured in this brew, laying in wait for a kettle or carafe to lure out its flavors. 

Victor Allen’s French vanilla coffee beans are roasted in the United States, just past first crack to emphasize the subtly sweet notes of nut and spice from the bean, before imbuing the bean with the flavoring that warms the body on a cold winter morning or simply serves as a breathe-and-exhale treat to ease a long day.

What Does 100% French Vanilla Ground & Whole Bean Coffee Taste Like?

Inspired by the rich and buttery French vanilla ice cream, this bean has a vanilla-spice sweetness to it that’s elevated by an ultra-fine lightness akin to marshmallow. Sumptuous and smooth, this brew’s light and pillowy body thrusts vanilla flavors so that they’re top of mind -- and palate. These vanilla notes swirl in the mouth and capture the nose as heavenly aromas flow from the cup. 

Victor Allen’s French vanilla ground coffee and French vanilla whole bean coffee thrive as a sweet alternative that feels confectionary but not cloying. It’s an expert stand-in for those who normally drink lattes but seek a switch-up, or anyone wanting for a guilt-free--and sugar-free--mid-day treat that doubles as an afternoon jolt.

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This product is  Orthodox Union Kosher.

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