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For the coffee lover in the family, the coffee Christmas gifts wish list of tools, accessories, and premium coffees is never short.

Scoops, brewers, scales, kettles, and more—truly, much more—make up the coffee connoisseur’s dream pile of presents under the tree each year. And, if you’re lucky, they’ll use those new coffee presents to make you the pitch-perfect pot of Joe when Christmas morning comes. 

Here, find just a few ideas for holiday coffee gifting. 

Coffee Accessories: Perfect Holiday Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The easiest place to start when shopping for holiday gifts for coffee lovers is to peruse their setup and determine what accessories they don’t already own. The following Christmas gift ideas for coffee lovers consists of items that are typically less expensive and just as delightful. 

  • Net Filter. Firstly, restocking someone on paper filters for their manual brewer is never a bad idea. Especially as a stocking stuffer. Beyond that, a more adventurous idea is to purchase a permanent coffee filter for their brewer of choice, or a coffee sock for cold brew. (These also come in cold brew kits—another fantastic gift option.)
  • Electric Kettle. Kettles can get quite expensive, but it’s for good reason: many kettles designed for coffee feature a coveted gooseneck spout that’s specifically for manual brewers that require a gentler pour, a built-in thermometer that marks temperature, and some—like a Bonavita—have a feature that will hold a targeted brew temperature so the water doesn’t cool before it’s needed to brew. You can also opt for a non-electric kettle like the Hario Buono Copper that is stylish and heats water at record pace. Note: This is also a great gift for tea lovers.
  • Mugs. Coffee lovers will be won over if you can manage to find a quality travel mug. Try a 16-ounce stainless steel mug, like the Zojirushi, that will keep a drink miraculously warm for hours after brew time, or aim in the opposite direction and find a compact ceramic mug designed to retain all of the coffee’s flavors and not seep in that metallic or plastic taste. 
  • Brushes. To really surprise a coffee lover, buy them a new brush for their coffee grinder or espresso machine—any wood-handled brush with thicker bristles will be sure to delight. Bonus points if it has a hole or lanyard to hang it from a hook. 
  • Scoops. Even if someone already has a scoop, there’s no such thing as having too many coffee scoops. Try having a personalized scoop made and add a message to it. Or, of course, find a high-quality metal or stylish scoop that will make reaching into that jar of beans all that much more enjoyable. 

Coffee Brewers

For more of a big-ticket item, consider surprising someone with a quality manual brewer.

  • Chemex. Known for its svelte hourglass shape and corset-like wood block that hugs its center, this also happens to be one of the most highly recommended ways for anyone to get the most out of their coffee—especially for light roasts. Even if someone already owns a Chemex, it’s worth it to purchase them an additional size, whether smaller or bigger.
  • Hario. The acclaimed Japanese brand makes one of the most sought-after manual brewers on the market, and for good reason: with an advanced filtration design, it drains the water that interacts with coffee grinds in a tactful way that other brands just don’t. It’s also remarkably clean; buy it for the coffee lover who constantly leaves more fussy brewers uncleaned.
  • Keurig. With a new slim-sized Keurig K-Mini on the market that has the smallest countertop footprint of any Keurig ever, there’s never been a better time to buy a Keurig. And with hundreds, if not thousands of coffee pod options available, it’s a surefire bet to please any coffee lover. Try pairing it with a box of pods or a subscription.
  • AeroPress. This is a surprisingly affordable and yet versatile way to brew coffee that works for coffee connoisseurs and beginners to brewing. It works as a cousin of the French press, filtering through a press and applying some pressure that draws out some of the tastiest coffee notes, particularly for light and medium roasts.

Other Holiday Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Naturally, the easiest holiday gift for coffee lovers is just that: coffee. 

  • Holiday Coffee Gift Basket. There’s no shortage of these baskets or holiday coffee gift boxes with pre-selected items inside, typically boasting thoughtful blends or flavored coffees that speak to the cravings of the season. They also tend to be packaged with pastries and chocolates; so, even if they don’t drink the coffee, they’ll find something to like. 
  • Coffee Subscription. Whether it’s coffee pods or bags of ground or whole-bean coffee, it’s hard to go wrong with a subscription service. Just make sure they have the option to later customize what variety they want, how frequently they receive it, and where it’s shipped to.
  • Coffee Liqueur. Know someone who’s fond of both coffee and booze—sometimes together? Try out a liqueur or aperitif, whether it’s an espresso tequila, Godiva-brand liqueur, or good ol’ Kahlua or Bailey’s. 


With coffee accompaniment in mind, pick up some sweets that’ll tickle the taste buds with an extra punch of complementary flavors.

  • Dark Chocolate. Dark chocolate is a notoriously fantastic pairing with coffee because it boasts a familiar and compatible earthy richness while also boasting subtle tasting notes in the same way coffee does. In the same way a coffee can produce hints of an orange rind, so might a quality high-percentage cocoa dark chocolate.
  • Biscotti. Aim for locally made treats and do feel encouraged to package it with a holiday coffee gift box set. 

There are plenty of thoughtful holiday gift options for coffee lovers, from stocking stuffers to big ticket items that will make them giddy with delight (and caffeine) all year long. A coffee subscription is a wonderful holiday gift idea - try one today with Victor Allen’s Coffee!

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