Coffee Product Questions

Robusta coffees tend to have twice the amount of caffeine as Arabica coffees. 

If you like to get technical, here is some knowledge from one of our staff coffee experts: 

Caffeine is stable within the coffee during roast, and does not change - if you are measuring your coffee volume-metrically vs. by weight since dark roasted coffee is larger (or is less dense due to roasting) you can fit less of it into a scoop than light coffee. The more coffee you have the more caffeine you'll get. But by weight/mass alone you'll have equal amounts and caffeine content will remain the same no matter the roast profile.

Espresso Pods: ~60 mgs per ounce brewed

Cappuccinos: 15-25 mgs per serving
Cocoas: 5-8 mgs per serving
Coffees: 90-150 mgs per serving

Decaf Coffees: 5-8 mgs

Our coffee products are gluten-free.

Our coffees are GMO free.

Our coffee products are designed for one-time use only.

Always clean your coffee brewing equipment after each use. The cleaner the equipment, the better the taste. (Note: Never pour vinegar into the water reservoir system.)

Our coffees and flavored coffees do not contain any allergens. Our Hot Cocoa and Cappuccino mixes contain milk.

Each single serving of our coffees contain zero calories and are fat free. Our cappuccinos, cocoas and lattes range from 70-80 calories and 3-5 grams of fat per serving.

We source our coffee from more than 25 countries around the world. The vast majority of our beans are 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are known for their quality, taste and smooth flavor.

General Coffee Questions

Our everyday low price ensures the best value to you, while shipping quickly and safely to your door, at a low shipping cost of $5.99.

On a product page, select the monthly subscription purchase option and add the item to your cart. You will receive 20% off your order for creating your monthly coffee subscription!

Please let your local store know that you want them to stock our brands of coffee!

Or, save a trip to the store, order now and we will quickly and safely deliver to you for a small shipping fee of $5.99

We offer BPA free coffee pods.

We offer 2-5 day flat rate shipping. We also offer a subscription model that automatically delivers your order monthly to your home or business.

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You can change your Victor Allen’s coffee subscription by creating a new subscription and then cancelling your old subscription. View a GIF of this process.

Add your new coffee subscription to the cart and checkout as you normally would to start your new subscription.
After checkout is complete, navigate to My Account from the main navigation.
Click on Subscriptions.
Find your Previous Subscription that you’d like to cancel and click View.
Click on Cancel Subscription.
Optionally provide a reason you wish to cancel your subscription and then click Submit & Cancel.

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