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Black coffee has long been thought to be the bold and daring choice among coffee drinkers. The truth, however, is that it’s actually quite the safe choice—and even a healthy one, too.

Black coffee benefits are abundant. What are black coffee benefits? Put simply, strip away the sugar and milk from some of the most indulgent cups of coffee, and what’s left is actually a vehicle to a supercharged workout, an immune-system booster, and possibly a promoter of hair growth.

Weight Loss: What Are the Benefits of Black Coffee for Wellness?

For starters, drinking black coffee packs all the pros of caffeine consumption without the calories. Thought of another way: If you’re getting a caffeine boost before a run, in hopes of performing better during a sleepy early-morning run but consuming it with a heavy cream and a scoop of sugar, you’re immediately working out in the negative. Nix the additives and it’s an amped-up workout with a zero-calorie consequence.

Black coffee pre-workout benefits, for many, are a marquee draw for skipping the cream and sugar.

Research supports that caffeine improves performance and stamina during runs. For weightlifters, it improves focus and is often why fitness shakes are packaged with caffeine. It also boosts metabolism for a brief time period, aiding in the rate in which calories are burned.

Moreover, black coffee can be enjoyed as a guilt-free addition to any diet. Devoid of calories and a fine substitute for the calorie-laden alternatives, black coffee benefits for weight loss are a no-brainer. Too, it makes for a satisfying standalone drink, as it’s already packed with an immense number of flavors—with more tasting notes than a glass of wine, in fact.

Just be sure not to consume more than the recommended daily intake of 24 oz. of coffee, or about 300 mg of caffeine. The health benefits can quickly turn to increased heart rate, anxiety, and insomnia, and the drug affects everyone differently.

Immune Boost: What Are the Health Benefits of Black Coffee

Some of the most essential nutrients we receive come from sources we least expect them from: the skin of an apple, for example, or as is the case here, the robust body of a cup of coffee. Coffee boasts a variety of antioxidants and flavonoids that support immune health and supplies small amounts of chromium, potassium, niacin, vitamin E, and magnesium.

Furthermore, there is some evidence that supports coffee as an anti-inflammatory in the body. That might make it an ideal drink for chronic inflammation or just a way to ease soreness after a workout.

Lastly, black coffee has perks for those looking to prevent or manage diabetes. It contains polyphenols that can reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes and improve regulation of blood sugar—an effect specific to coffee, and not just caffeine. (Decaf would be fine.) Nutrients in coffee also empower your body to make better use of its own insulin, which is helpful for diabetics.

Hair Health: Black Coffee Benefits for Hair

Coffee won’t be substituted for Rogaine any time soon, but it can go a long way toward promoting healthy hair by increasing the rate of growth and developing stronger structure of hair strands. Caffeine extends from the bloodstream to the hair follicles during the cycle of growth. Of note: There are also treatments that apply coffee directly to the hair, but a cup—or more—of black coffee will also do the trick just fine.

So, if you’re out of sugar or can’t find your favorite milk to plop into your coffee, there may be a silver lining to enjoying that sumptuous cup of black coffee sans any additives! Regardless of whether you want to give black coffee a go or have already been on the flavor train for some time, your friends at Victor Allen’s Coffee hope you enjoy every sip.

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