Victor Allen's Coffee, 100% Colombian, Medium Roast, Ground Coffee, 3 or 6 Pack - 12 Oz Bags

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What is 100% Colombian Coffee?

100% Colombian coffee hails from the land where tropical beaches and grand mountainous regions come together to form an exceptionally temperate paradise, perfect for coffee plants to flourish.

Colombia’s unique geography and climate produces the bright, spirited flavor profile and characteristically smooth finish that has come to define its most delicious export. Widely recognized as the highest quality commercially available, an authentic cup of 100% Colombian coffee promises to satisfy the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

At Victor Allen’s Coffee, we prefer to get our 100% Colombian beans exclusively from the top coffee farms in South America. Through careful sourcing with the most exacting standards, we ensure only top-quality beans make it into our Colombian Coffee Pods for use in K-Cup® Keurig® 2.0 Machines. Because we know as well as you do—high-end beans make for a high-end brew.

How is 100% Colombian Coffee Grown?

100% Colombian coffee is a type of Arabica coffee. Originating in Arabia—hence the name “Arabica”—the plant is known to produce some the most distinctive, high quality coffee beans available.

When the plant species was brought to Colombia, something magical happened—the Colombian climate seemed to smooth out some of the acidity and tone down the bitterness traditionally associated with the Arabia-grown plants. Roasters discovered that the resulting beverage was delicately mild with little bite, yet decadently rich with silky smooth body.

The warm, tropical climate offers ample rainfall and lends itself perfectly to cultivating the exotic plants. Combined with high-altitude coffee fields, the much-lauded coffee cultivating formula was perfected.

What Does 100% Colombian Coffee Taste Like?

Because of diverse growing conditions, the taste of Colombian coffee often varies between farms of origin. But rest (and wake) assured, Victor Allen’s Coffee takes great pains to ensure absolute flavor consistency across all of our 100% Colombian Coffee for K-Cup Keurig 2.0 Brewers.

Our 100% Colombian presents strong—rich and warmly aromatic—but lands softly with its mild acidity rounded out by slight notes of dark chocolate and a vague suggestion of fruit, no doubt imparted by the cherry flesh of the bean’s past.

Freshly brewed, the beverage is mellow with a gentle bite and rich body. It goes down smooth and concludes with a delightfully spry kick—just enough to impart some much-needed pep into your morning routine.


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