Collection: Organic Coffees

What is Organic Coffee?

Organic coffee is coffee that is free from any and all potentially harmful, synthetic additives.

That means from the soil up, the plants aren’t treated with any chemical pesticides or unnatural, how-do-you-pronounce-that substances. Only fully natural processes create our fully natural organic K-Cups.

Organically produced coffee is responsibly produced coffee. We put that ecologically considerate spirit front and center in our organic offerings. Wholly natural right down to the roots, Victor Allen’s organic coffee is coffee as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Organic Coffee Sourcing & Harvesting Process Flavor Profile

For a coffee to be considered organically sourced and harvested, the beans must undergo rigorous and constant evaluation at every step in the process.

From the soil to the roaster to the package, organic coffee beans remain uncontaminated—not only by synthetic pesticides and herbicides, but also by any equipment that has come in contact with those potentially toxic substances.

It’s an incredibly careful process, and the resulting quality reflects that. Organically produced coffee boasts an unmistakably natural flavor profile while providing you the peace of mind in knowing you’re not consuming even an ounce of anything synthetic.

Victor Allen’s Organic Coffee

Victor Allen’s organic coffee is organic in every meaningful sense of the word. It’s organically grown, harvested, processed, roasted, and packaged. It meets the whole scope of organic standards. But you might notice one thing missing from our organic offerings—the USDA certified organic seal. Before you write in, let us explain.

There was a time when organic simply meant responsibly grown without the use of chemicals. In recent years, the market for organic goods has been booming. And with it, so has corporate interest. The truth is, the USDA organic seal has become an expensive badge that’s purpose is to keep companies honest. But unfortunately, most companies see it as little more than a marketing tool.

Our coffee is organically grown. We do it because we believe in the value of sustainably produced goods. But we also believe in offering high quality at a low price. So instead of paying for the certified badge, we decided to tell you ourselves. That way, we can pass the savings onto you, our customer.