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What is Flavored Coffee?

Flavored coffee is coffee with a boost. Flavors are added to punch up the natural notes of the beans and supplement the taste to suit coffee drinkers who seek a bit more gusto in their cup.

The flavoring is introduced directly to the bean after the roasting process is complete. When the coffee is brewed, the beans and added essence are fused into the final product.

It might sound futuristic, but flavored coffee is nothing new. Coffee connoisseurs have been flavoring their brews for centuries, through a variety of means. These days, the flavoring process has been refined and perfected, allowing us to rev up our offerings to feature virtually any flavor under the sun.

Types of Flavored Coffees

One of the many great things about coffee is its versatility. With the right touch, it can be fine-tuned to suit any taste.

All of our flavored K-Cups start with meticulously sourced 100% Arabica beans. Because sometimes you just want to add a kick to a classic cup of joe, we’ve carefully developed our coffee to run the gamut of palate-pleasing flavor profiles. Victor Allen’s Coffee offers a variety of flavors that cater to every type of coffee enthusiast.

Flavoring coffee can work to brighten, sweeten, or simply round out some of the bitterness associated with traditional coffee. When done right, flavoring compliments the glorious bean and elevates it to a new level. Why not add some sweetness to your morning routine?

Victor Allen’s Flavored Coffee

It’s simple: The best flavored K-Cups come from the best flavored coffee beans.

At Victor Allen’s Coffee, we pride ourselves on crafting unique, complex flavor profiles for each of our Single Serve K-Cup flavors. That means laboring over each note we incorporate—the flavor isn’t just tacked on hastily like a shot of syrup at a gas station.

Instead, we amp up our 100% Arabica beans with a boost of carefully developed flavor. Each blend is imparted into the beans post-roast, using a process designed to weave the intricate textures into the brew and create a rich, uniform result without a hint of artificiality.

We understand—some mornings you just have to gulp it down and go. But we encourage savoring the flavor whenever possible.

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