Collection: Single Origin Coffees

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single origin coffee is coffee grown and harvested from just one specific geographical location. That could be a single farm, a group of farms, or just one general area. Regardless, harvest locations are thoughtfully chosen for the unique characteristics of the region.

As opposed to blends, single origin coffees are not tailor-made to produce a certain taste—they’re designed to showcase the natural flavors of the bean’s origin.

Generally, a higher level of quality is maintainable with a single origin coffee, since oversight can be fully directed at a single place, rather than monitoring the quality of beans sourced from multiple locations.

We make sure our single origin coffees are carefully selected, and continually scrutinized to ensure the quality you expect from Victor Allen’s. Share in the story of your morning brew. Check out our single origin offerings and be transported.

Typical Single Origin Flavor Profile

Single origin coffees, by nature, do not have single, unifying flavor profile. Each coffee will have its own unique qualities, imparted by the specific growing methods and conditions.

Across the board, you can expect a distinct, defined taste profile. Since the goal of a single origin roast is to bring out the characteristics inherent in the beans, particulars will vary between bean varietals. Flavor, aroma, and body remain undisturbed and exclusive to the region, merely developed and amplified by the roast.

And don’t be fooled: while there is a certain sweeping element of purity to single origin coffees, there is nothing inherently “better” about a single origin over a blend. Quality depends on a number of factors, least of all the plain fact that the beans come from one place.

Victor Allen’s Single Origin Coffee

At Victor Allen’s Coffee, we understand the “single origin” label doesn’t actually say anything about the origin in question. We’re not here to maintain the mystique of the so-often cheapened designation just because it sounds good. Despite what the packaging details of so many coffees want you to believe, “single origin” is not synonymous with “high quality.”

For example, you couldn’t pay us to drink a coffee grown exclusively on the salty shores of New Jersey. And that’s nothing against the Garden State. The fact is, certain areas provide more desirable climates and growing conditions for the exotic plants. That may be an extreme example, but some locations just aren’t conducive to growing coffee.

We think it makes more sense to discuss our single origin coffees by focusing specifically on their places of origin. For our Organic Peruvian coffee, we zeroed in on the bright and lively flavors imparted by the balmy climate where it’s grown. With a light touch, we elevated the natural qualities of the beans to deliver a uniquely Peruvian brew.

From planting to harvest, our single origin coffees are guaranteed to reflect the heritage of the beans in their best light. We keep our single origin offerings on rotation, so make sure to keep an eye on what we have brewing at the moment.

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