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  • Victor Allen's Coffee Decaf Coffee Favorites Variety Pack, 54 Count, Single Serve Coffee Pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers
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Why Choose a Variety Pack of Coffee Pods?

We’ve learned that passion makes for the best K-cup variety packs. And Victor Allen’s Coffee has no shortage of that. We like to think of our sample packs sort of like playlists, but for coffee. Check out ours or make your own.

Our preset variety packs are designed to satisfy the often-varied preferences of homes and workplaces. But the benefits don’t stop there. Coffee connoisseurs or just plain picky drinkers? We got you covered. We have K-cup sample packs to cover the full of range of tastes.

Maybe you just want to mix up your morning routine. Our variety packs put new blends on rotation so you can pick and choose at your leisure. Having a nice assortment of coffees on hand allows you to break from the monotony of the same brew each day. Because sometimes you just have to ditch the humdrum routine and shake up those sluggish mornings.

Victor Allen’s K-cup sample packs offer something for everyone. Dark roast, light roast, or middle of the road drinkers will find their brew in our preset variety packs. Or choose to go full custom and craft your own unique mix of coffee pods. Try a few or try them all – with so many spectacular blends, you really can’t go wrong.

Seasonal Coffee Pod Variety Packs

There’s just something about the colder months that gets our creative juices flowing. So, every year with those Fall and Winter months come themed coffee variety packs, carefully curated by the Victor Allen’s team.

Our Winter Wonderland seasonal variety pack is a must-get for those snowy mornings—or any morning you’re feeling that wintry vibe. (Holiday tip: A K-cup holiday variety pack makes for a great gift).

You can always count on our Autumn Favorites and Fall Harvest variety packs to keep you moving when the leaves start to change. Liven up those brisk days with a delicious supply of fresh flavor brews on tap—it’s therapeutic. And yes, there’s pumpkin spice.

So, get festive or simply celebrate the changing of the seasons with our rotating variety packs. Be sure to check back often for our latest collection of premium blends chosen to best suit the season.

Build Your Own Custom Coffee Pod Variety Pack

Variety packs typically offer a little bit of everything. But we know that doesn’t work for everyone.

That’s why we’re so proud to introduce our flagship variety pack: the Victor Allen’s Build Your Own K-cup Variety Pack

If you want, feel free to choose a little bit of everything. But if that’s not your style, feel free to choose a lot of one thing and a few of another thing. Or a couple of this and a few of that. Throw in a handful of different blends to give your house guests a choice. A couple pods of decaf for when your mother-in-law visits, a few Italian roast pods for your boldest mornings. Whatever you want.

You do you, we’ll do us. That means you pick exactly what you want and we send it over quick. No matter what you choose, you’ll get the quality you expect with Victor Allen’s.

Save More with Monthly Coffee Subscriptions

Subscribe to Victor Allen’s Coffee to save money and avoid the hassle of replenishing your stock every month.

A freshly brewed cup of coffee each morning is one of the few reliably constant things we have in our lives. Why not eliminate the need to constantly run to the store and get more? With a subscription, you just set it and forget it—every month, your supply magically appears on your doorstep.

You know that early morning moment when you realize you’re out of coffee?

Yeah, never again.

We understand that for some, variety is the spice of life. That’s why Victor Allen’s subscribers can change up their product choice as often as they want. Can’t decide which blend to commit to? We get it. We know we have a pretty great selection. Certain coffees just pair better with certain seasons, and you have free rein to choose—just make sure you stock up on Pumpkin Spice for the Fall.

With a Victor Allen’s Coffee subscription, you’re never locked in to just one brew. Feel free to try them all. (That’s what we do.)

And the best part of a subscription? You save a bunch of money. Sign up now and enjoy 20% off your order every month!