Collection: Medium Roast Coffees

What is Medium Roast Coffee?

Medium roast coffee, as the name suggests, lands right in the middle of the roast spectrum. Chocolatey brown in hue with little to no oil expelled onto the bean surface, the typical medium roast will reach an internal bean temperature within the 405°F to 430°F range.

Not too grainy and not too bold, there really is something “just right” about the middle roast. It strikes a perfect balance between its more extreme neighbors light and dark, yet maintains a distinct and striking flavor profile all its own.

Victor Allen’s medium roast gives drinkers the best of both worlds. Expertly balanced in flavor with a smooth, symmetrical profile throughout, our medium roasts are ideal for those seeking the classic cup with a gourmet edge.

Medium Roast Flavor Profile

Since much of the unique flavor of the bean’s origin is preserved in a medium roast, flavor and aroma will vary between particular roasts and blends.

Across the board, you can expect a well-rounded brew from a medium roast, dynamically balanced with a pleasantly understated acidity. Carving out a space between the brightness of a light roast and the deepness of a dark, medium roast coffee is a perfect fit for the uncompromising drinker.

Technically, caffeine content in a medium roast is mid-level. But realistically, you wouldn’t notice. The difference in caffeine content between roasts is negligible—much of the myth is incorrectly based on the boldness of the brew. Despite common beliefs, lighter roasted beans are actually denser and contain slightly more caffeine by volume than darker roasted beans.

Victor Allen’s Medium Roast Coffee Roasting Process

At Victor Allen’s Coffee, we make sure all of our medium roasts fall right in the sweet spot, exhibiting just enough of the bean’s unique flavor profile while imparting slight roast notes to give a comforting, toasty sweetness.

As always, it all starts with 100% Arabica beans, carefully sourced from our most trusted growers and processed to the most exacting conditions.

For medium roasts, we like to keep the beans in the roaster right in between the first and second crack. (When the beans reach certain temperatures, the escaping gas lets out an audible “cracking” sound. We like to think it’s how the beans communicate with us). Precise internal bean temperature varies between particular roasts, but most of our medium roast offerings fall in the 407°F to 429°F range.

As roast enthusiasts, we gravitate towards the medium roasts. We just think there’s something magical about packing the wallop of a dark roast and the intricacies of a light brew into one package. It’s no wonder they’re our most popular offerings.